The Foundation Lab is always recruiting for new Research Assistants (RAs). We typically bring on 3-4 RAs each semester to help with multiple ongoing studies.

What you’ll do:

Each semester, a team of RAs leads a small literature review on a particular topic. This involves working with a team of undergraduates led by a graduate student to produce an overview of a niche research area. Some example topics are Understanding Trust in Human-AI Teaming, Future of Work in the Meta-Verse, and How Commuting can Affect Worker Well-Being. This reviews are related to ongoing projects in the lab, but the lab members might not know about these topics. In other words, you'll be teaching us a thing or two about these topics. The lab agrees upon these topics at the beginning of the semester, where all members have input and voice. In addition to this semester long project, the responsibilities of a RA vary by research project but generally include:

  • Assisting with literature reviews

  • Providing feedback on new/ongoing projects

  • Preparing and submitting IRB protocol

  • Running participants through virtual/face-to-face studies

  • Creating data syntax

  • Helping with study design

What we’re looking for:

The Foundation lab is looking for smart, passionate individuals who are looking to get some research experience. It would be beneficial if you are interested in I-O Psychology, but that is not a necessary qualification. RAs are expected to work 10 hours (maximum) a week, which will ebb and flow each week. Further, RAs can elect to voluntarily participate in the lab or take it for course credit.

What you’ll get:

Aside from research experience and the glowing feeling associated with a job well done, research assistants can request Letters of Recommendation for grad school applications. It is HIGHLY recommended that you are with the lab for two semesters before requesting a letter. Further, during the Fall and Spring semesters, lab members will put on informational sessions on topics such as grad school applications, career opportunities in I-O Psychology, R tutorials, and research discussions.

How to apply:

Please complete this application and attached it to the form below. You can also reach out to Dr. Wiese ( if you have any questions.